This blog currently serves as a journal of what one particular community member, Uriel Fury, has been doing. The journal is updated infrequently. This journal is for friends, family, community members to know what we've been up to at a glance. It might also help us when it comes time for portfolio evaluations.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Educational Objectives 2012-2013

Proposed Educational Objectives by Subject Area
For Elijah Parham’s Home Education Program, 2012-2013
[The affidavit must include] “an outline of proposed education objectives by subject area...
The required outline of proposed educational objectives shall not be utilized by the superintendent in
determining if the home education program is out of compliance with this section and section 1327.”

-- PA Home Education Law
The primary educational objective for Elijah Parham’s home education program is to continue to use the resources available in our community to provide a well-rounded education based on Elijah’s interests and abilities. We will continue the approach that has worked well in the past, choosing specific topics as we go, based on interest and academic readiness. Because of the flexibility offered by home education, specific topics listed in these objectives are only examples, which can and will be changed based on Elijah’s evolving needs and interests; we will take advantage of whatever interests, opportunities and resources seem appropriate at the time.
  1. Elijah will read fiction and non-fiction books for studies in literature and history, as well as for personal pleasure.
  2. Elijah will also read non-fiction books and magazines, especially as a part of his studies in video game design and science.
  3. Elijah will use writing as needed in pursuing his interests, using a variety of formats, such as journals, stories, letters, and e-mails.
  4. Elijah will use various resources to determine the correct spelling of words he wishes to use in his writing.
  1. Elijah will increase his mathematical skills and understanding, though both formal and informal methods. Topics may include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; percents; graphing; measurement; and geometry.
  2. Elijah will use mathematical concepts in free play, using materials such as LEGO, pattern blocks, tangrams, Kapla blocks, and games.
  3. Elijah will use measurement, geometry, and other mathematical concepts in practical situations such as cooking, video game design, and handling money.
  1. Elijah will study one or more topics in life science, earth science, and /or physical science.
  2. Elijah will learn specific scientific content related to the topic he is studying though reading, visits to nature centers and museums, observation, and/or experimentation.
  3. Elijah will continue to develop his general scientific skills, such as observation, measurement, making predictions, and drawing conclusions. Taking notes and collecting and analyzing data will be highly encouraged.
  1. Elijah will learn about various periods of US and Pennsylvania history through reading, research, and visits to historical sites and museums.
  2. Elijah’s geography studies will be integrated with his history studies. When studying a particular culture, he may use maps, learn about the physical features and resources of the area, and discuss how the physical environment and resources influence(d) aspects of the culture such as architecture, diet, and clothing.
  3. Elijah will be exposed to different cultures through avenues such as food, music, and dance; travel; and multi-cultural literature.
  4. Elijah’s civics education will be integrated with his history studies. When studying a particular culture, he may learn about its method of government, and how it compares to and in some cases influenced our own.
  5. In addition, current events will be discussed and explored as needed.
  1. Elijah will continue to learn about various aspects of safety, including the dangers and prevention of fires.
  2. Elijah will continue to learn about taking care of himself, including the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and the advantages of good nutrition and other health practices.
  3. Elijah will have regular physical exercise, through active play, walks, swimming, dancing, and other activities. The emphasis will be on lifetime fitness.
  1. Elijah will be exposed to a variety of musical styles, through recorded music and by attending live performances.
  2. Elijah will use music sequencing programs to create electronic music to accompany his video game designs.
  1. Elijah will use a variety of media and techniques to make creations of his own choosing.
  2. Elijah will continue to develop his drawing skills and use them in designing and creating comics, concept schematics and story boards for his video game designs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

May 28th - July 22nd, 2012

A sampling of the stuff we've been up to over the last 8 weeks.

Let's Play videos - The Binding of Isaac, Portal & Minecraft - YouTube
Yogscast & Yogscast - YouTube
Mythbusters - Netflix
Psych - Netflix
Wizards of Waverly Place - Netflix
House of Anubis - Netflix, Amazon Prime
America's Funniest Home Videos - Netflix
VlogBrothers videos - Jokes, Jokes and more Jokes - YouTube
CrashCourse - Taxonomy - YouTube
The Minutemen - Movie - Netflix
X-Men Animated Series - Netflix
Brave - Movie - AMC Theatre
GLaDOS Siri video - YouTube
Futurama - Netflix
Word Girl - Netflix
True Jackson VP - Netflix
The Electric Company - Netflix

Little Big Planet 2 (LBP2) - PS3
Minecraft - Computer, iPad
Spongbob Diner Dash - iPad
Horseshoes - Lawn game
Binding of Isaac - Steam
Rush Hour - Puzzle board game
Various Online Games (mostly Flash based) - Online
Roblox -Online
Wingeria - Online
Contour Game - Online
Bingo - Board game
7 Little Words - iPad
Electric Box - Online
Aqueducts - iPad
Scrabble - Board game
WarioWare D.I.Y. - 3DS
Yamodo! - Drawing/Writing game
Fruit Ninja - iPad
Played doughnut shop with calculator - Pretend play
7 Little Words
Game Informer - Magazine
Field Guide to Luck - Book
NatGeo Kids - Magazine
Lego Club - Magazine
The Brick Journal - Magazine
Ranger Rick - Magazine

Ipecac syrup
Minecraft splash screens & their meanings
Difference between 'imminent' & 'eminent'
Cork trees
Calculator alphabet & spelling
Converting minutes into hours & visa versa
Talked about our up coming Unschooling conference
Moon mod and Tekkit mod for Minecraft
Fahrenheit, Celsius & Kelvin
Rube Goldberg Machines
Neat temperature scale we found
Directions to game
Kept score on paper for a few games
Wrote skit for Lego characters
Wrote/Drew plans for LBP2 levels
Secret messages in hieroglyphics at Natural History Museum
Wrote/Drew comics

NPR in the car

Various Lego weapons
Skit for Lego minifigures
LBP2 levels, characters, objects & movies
WarioWare D.I.Y. microgames
Various drawings, notes & gaming plans
Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)
Helped set up index card box for gaming notes & plans
Plans for a LBP2 level
Memorial Day BBQ at Christina, Ted & Chad's
Picked up CSA w/ M
D's 6-Pax and Dogz
The Sharp Edge
The Harris Grill
Playdates at Kristilee's w/ Cian
Taj Mahal
Java House
Burger King
AMC Lowes Theatre
Barnes & Noble
Forth of July bonfire & fireworks at the Gyres
Tokyo Sushi Buffet
Natural History Museum
Jack Stack Pool
Lincoln Bakery
Rite Aid
Whole Foods
Coffee Buddha
Bonfire at the Gyres
Swimming at neighbourhood pool
Walking around neighbourhood
Helped make grocery lists & shop
Helped w/ various food prep & cooking
General Outside Play (sandbox, water hose, digging)
Dancing in the rain
Napping in the hammock
Cloud watching
Firefly watching & chasing

Helped w/ Studio clean up