This blog currently serves as a journal of what one particular community member, Uriel Fury, has been doing. The journal is updated infrequently. This journal is for friends, family, community members to know what we've been up to at a glance. It might also help us when it comes time for portfolio evaluations.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 11th - April 24th, 2011

Watch - Credit Cards; Distance, Rate & Time; Power; Gravity; and Acceleration
Let's Play Videos - Minecraft
Rube Goldberg Time Machine

Little Big Planet 2 - PS3
Contour Game - online
Whizzball - online
Super Scribblenauts - DS
WarioWare D.I.Y. - DS
Dragon's Lair - PS3
Infamous - PS3
Dynamic Systems - online
Iggle Pop - MAC

Homemade card game
Whizzball levels

Gyres (3hrs)
Trader Joe's
East End Community Food Cooperative
Whole Foods
Burger King
Allegheny General Hospital
Game Stop

Comics on
Ranger Rick Magazine

E made himself into a one-man-band