This blog currently serves as a journal of what one particular community member, Uriel Fury, has been doing. The journal is updated infrequently. This journal is for friends, family, community members to know what we've been up to at a glance. It might also help us when it comes time for portfolio evaluations.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

August 22nd - September 4th, 2011

No conference is complete without donuts

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
Northeast Unschooling Conference (NEUC) Talent Show
Space Balls the animated series
Let's Play videos
New Vi Hart

Little Big Planet 2 - PS3
WarioWare D.I.Y. - 3DS
Cars - PS3
Various flash games - online
Hambo - online
Papa's Pizzaria - online
Snail Bob 2 - online
Splitter Pals - online
Papa's Freezeria - online

Conference schedule
The Best of Archie Comics
Diary of a Whimpy Kid, book 1
Spy vs. Spy
Archie Comics Halloween
ASK Magazine
Lego Anatomy

Friday's (day 2 of NEUC) schedule

Hurricane safety, what is a hurricane & how are they different than typhoons & tornadoes
Difference between a lake & a pond

Tribute to Hurricane Irene who visited us as a tropical storm @ NEUC


Welcome speech at NEUC
'On Point': Whales Have Developed a Religion - NPR (radio)
Music on the radio

Play dough sculptures
Duct tape flowers
Obstacle course
Drew pictures of 'cities'

Northeast Unschooling Conference (NEUC) - August 25th - August 29th
Sheridan Colonial Hotel & Conference Center (Wakefield, MA)
NEUC Picnic - August 29th
Wakefield, MA - August 24th - August 30th
Salem Willows (Salem, MA)
Salem, MA - August 29th
Dunkin' Donuts (Wakefield, MA)
Subway (Wakefield, MA)
Sushi Island (Wakefield, MA)
Omelette Headquarters (Wakefield, MA)
George Washington Bridge (New York, NY)
The Pop Shop (Collingswood, NJ)
The Crowne Plaza (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Burger King
Java House (2.5hrs)

NEUC Picnic

Discussed hurricane safety (Hurricane Irene)
Experimentation with recipes:
Special Smoothie juice - vanilla soy milk, mango madness smoothie & cranberry harvest juice
Edible Matches - carrot sticks dipped in ketchup