This blog currently serves as a journal of what one particular community member, Uriel Fury, has been doing. The journal is updated infrequently. This journal is for friends, family, community members to know what we've been up to at a glance. It might also help us when it comes time for portfolio evaluations.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mid-February - April 15th, 2012

So, it's time to play catch up, somewhat. I've got a new laptop, so I can actually type up things, unlike with the iPad! Here's a little bit of what we've been up to since mid February until now.

Let's Play videos (Minecraft, et al.)
Vi Hart videos
Netflix (various animated children's cartoons)
Animated Ghostbusters
Skunk Ninja
Tin Tin (series)
Robocop - Movie

WarioWare D.I.Y. - 3DS
Little Big Planet 2 - PS3
Minecraft - iPad and Computer - online
Mine Shift - Tile-based board game
Angry Birds - iPad
Fruit Ninja - iPad
Rory's Story Cubes - Dice-based story game
Lego Creationary - iPad
Whizzball - iPad
Doodle Find - iPad
Tamagotchi Connection 2 - 3DS
Carcassonne - Tile-based board game
Bingo - Board game
Peggle - Computer
Iggle Pop - Computer
Plants vs. Zombies - Computer
Minesweeper - Computer
Various logic-based games - iPad
Wand Charades
Word With Friends (with M) - Online
Played around with bento making app - iPad

tasty bento box designed by E

Game Informer - Magazine
Ranger Rick - Magazine
Greek alphabet (wikipedia)
Vitruvian Man
Leonardo da Vinci
NatGeo Kids - Magazine
Diary of a Wimpy Kid #5 and #6 - books
Lego Club - Magazine
Map seeds for Minecraft - what are they and how do they work?
Looked up words: sett, weka, djinn and mew

Malcolm X Assassination
Ideas for the craft room
How EverNote works
Grandparents moving to Oklahoma City, OK
What 'photosynthesis' is
Grammar - 'drink, drank and drunk'

Instructions for the game Carcassonne
E-mails to grandparents and parents
Instructions for the game Minesweeper

Pandora - various music styles/musicians
NPR - Science Fridays, Talk of the Nation, BBC News
Slavic Soul Party - Tecknochek Collission
Red Lauan Tree - (William's album)
Skywire theme song

Dice-based board games
Music using the music sequencer on LBP2
Level design on LBP2
Pottery (vase and bowl) using Pottery Lite on the iPad
Made pancakes
Made a smoothie
Acted out bloopers from made up movie entitled "This is Magic"
Took pictures with iPad and digital camera
Tan-gram-wich (sandwich cut into tangram shapes)

vegan grilled cheeze tangramwich

Burger King
Java House
Trader Joe's
East End Food Co-op
D's Six Pax and Dogz
Barnes and Noble
Tokyo Sushi Buffet
Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
Oriental Market
Lotus Foods
Citizen's Bank
Ephesus Pizza
Sushi Tomo

E took this pic at Starbucks

Discussed food and Refrigeration
Grocery shopping
Picked out food at grocery store
Made and used a shopping list
Helped with food prep in kitchen
McDonald's Playplace

Google History set up
YouTube Subscriptions set up
Gmail set up and usage