This blog currently serves as a journal of what one particular community member, Uriel Fury, has been doing. The journal is updated infrequently. This journal is for friends, family, community members to know what we've been up to at a glance. It might also help us when it comes time for portfolio evaluations.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not Back To School (September 1st - September 8th, 2013)

So, it might seem as though we have dropped off the face of the Earth or that we "took a Summer Break", but neither is the case.

Before I go any farther, I never intended for this blog to be editorial or contemplative, just archival, but I feel like I want, nay, need to say some things.

One of my friends, a mother of a toddler, who is considering home/unschooling her child and who was homeschooled herself, asked me the other day, "So, do you, like, give E a break during the Summer or is it just all the time?" I believe I've quoted her fairly well (or at least the general idea of what she said). I know (and some of you know) that people who ask questions like this have not really grasped the concept of unschooling, but that's okay: I love my friend. I just said, "No, we just do our thing, living life, all of the time."

What I *do* mind isn't innocent questions from friends, but keeping track of what we do. It's no secret that I abhor authority, especially when it's invasive, oppressive, and authority with an inflated sense of necessity. Side Note: I'm thrilled to know that I have raised a child who questions unchecked authority instead of just "towing the line". I resent the fact that I am supposed to keep track of what we do, compile a sampling of it, have it judged by someone, and then turn over that judgement to the school district for further judgement. We're doing just fine, thank you very much, Mr. Government.

So, no, we didn't take a break from academia, learning, living, or of the sort since the beginning of June. What did happen was that *I* took a break: a break from the killjoy process of noting our daily lives for the scrutiny of others. And then I realised that since it was September and school was officially in full swing for other children, I needed to start the soul-sucking task of stopping to take note when we do/see/eat/say/experience something.

So, over the last week, here's what we've been up to (yeah, I'm not bothering with recalling everything since June; just know that it was life and it was awesome):

YouTube - Vi Hart videos

Let's Play videos - Kerbal Space Program and Minecraft

Web Series - Table Top, YogLabs, and Homestar Runner

3DS - WarioWare D.I.Y.

PS3 - Little Big Planet 2 (LBP2)

iPad - Scrabble, Cut the Rope, Bubble Mania, Fruit Ninja and Powder Game

Computer - Minecraft

Online - PicTune

I won for once!

Magazines - LEGO Club

Roman, Arabic, and Etruscan numerals
Translating to and from binary

Colour Theory - primary, secondary, tertiary, complimentary, and shades
Why Roman numerals are obtuse and the reasons we stopped using them

Game design notes, plans, and schematics

LBP2 - level and character design

D.I.Y. - microgames

On June 19th we dealt with the loss of our kitty Lain. He was our lovely black cat who died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack after 12 years of no health issues.

On August 31st we welcomed a new cat into our family. Vashti (formerly Mrs. Weasley) came home from the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh. She's a truly beautiful Tortoiseshell/Maine Coon mix and lives up to her name.
Vashti (formerly Mrs. Weasley)

Stay tuned as our monthly updates make a return at this end of September.